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Post by Golden Snackoo on Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:57 am

Hey I make sprites! (sucky ones, at that.) Here you go! *I use MS Paint to edit and recolour, GIMP to animate.
This is the lovely LuLu Cadaverini! My first sprite. I used Mia-Maya (hair), Viola (colours), young Trucy (face, skin, body base.)
Snackoo's Spritings LuluRevampd
Snackoo's Spritings LuluRevampd2
Snackoo's Spritings LuluRevamped3
Snackoo's Spritings LuLuRevampd4
Snackoo's Spritings LuLu6animated
It is....Melanie Chole! Pun=Melancholy. She is very...erm, dark. And mysterious. She wants to be a poet and LOVeS the pink princess (as you can see by her shirt). I used Young!Ema (face), ini (body base, skin tone, witness sprite), Matt (hair base) Maya (hair color) Maxy (shirt color) CR screenshots (pink princess logo)
Snackoo's Spritings Untitled-1
And this is...someone who has yet to be named. (Help?) I made her from scratch. (Besides colors.) It is my first custom sprite and I am proud of it.
Snackoo's Spritings Unnamed
And, I have existing character sprites, such as Old Pearls, Celeste Inpax, Doug Swallow and Valerie Hawthorne.
ok, and here is a GS4 version of Pearly. I used Pearl (colours, hair, magatama necklace), Trucy (face, body base)
Snackoo's Spritings OldPearls
Snackoo's Spritings OldPearls2
Snackoo's Spritings OldPearl4
Snackoo's Spritings OlderPearl3-1
It's Celeste Inpax!
Snackoo's Spritings Celeste
It's Doug Swallow!
Snackoo's Spritings Doug
It's Valerie Hawthorne!
Snackoo's Spritings Val

ME! i made a sprite of me. this is actually almost exactly how I'd look in real life. PS made of ema (skin, face), mia (colors, hair) max (purple heart) angel (hair color)
Snackoo's Spritings MEsmile
Snackoo's Spritings Stugf
for the wedding* See AAO for dtails.
Snackoo's Spritings Person
for daan's sprite competition.*Again. see AAo.
so, whaddya think?[/quote]
Snackoo's Spritings Oldmaya-1

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Snackoo's Spritings Empty Re: Snackoo's Spritings

Post by Lights on Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:06 pm

Oh, it's Phantom Dream. XD
I think the red is a bit too drastic in the wedding dress veil - go with something a bit lighter?
I like the closeup you did, and Douge looks really good too. (: Keep on spriting. ;D

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Snackoo's Spritings Empty Re: Snackoo's Spritings

Post by SupwithyouSammie on Fri Apr 03, 2009 5:07 pm

No one gets the spoiler tags here.

Anyway, you put it in a quote.
To do spoiler tags, just put [spoiler ] then pic/blah [/spoiler ]

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