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Post by Greeny on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:31 am

Welcome to Greeny Sprites Inc.!
Copied off CR with some slight edits. Note that it might take some time for updates from
there to reach here.

Baron Ludwig Von Schmerzenburg
Greeny Sprites Inc. Baronqf5Greeny Sprites Inc. Baronlaughsjo1Greeny Sprites Inc. F_BaronCaneDim_40dc2a0
Sprite sheet

My entry for the Court Records Sprite Cup '09! This dude is badass.

Prosecutor Ninja
It's a prosecutor that's also a ninja!!!
...Just kidding. It's actually a ninja that also prosecutes.
Greeny Sprites Inc. F_ProsecutorNm_aca072eGreeny Sprites Inc. F_NormalTm_d400e9f

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_SHURIKENm_c4223ab

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_SINGLESHURIm_cae5641Greeny Sprites Inc. F_AngrySinglem_62d0400

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_ARGHm_8a98a0cGreeny Sprites Inc. F_PissedTm_ad198e6

Characters appearing in my sprite comic, Francis Equitas: Ace Casanova.
In chronological order. (spoilers of said sprite comic beware!)

Francis Equitas
I don't have a complete sprite sheet of Francis himself. I can't be bothered to
finish it either. He just has too many possible facial expressions. So I have here
just some animated sprites and the incomplete old sheet.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Hehehcg4Greeny Sprites Inc. Rosetwj8Greeny Sprites Inc. Evidencebo1Greeny Sprites Inc. Facepalmva3
Greeny Sprites Inc. Zoomtue8 Greeny Sprites Inc. Frontviewon5
Greeny Sprites Inc. Sulkinghx1
Sprite sheet (Incomplete)

If you want to find out more about what kind of guy he is, visit the sprite comic.

Crossover fun!
Greeny Sprites Inc. Fuurajr3Greeny Sprites Inc. Fuura2tzc0Greeny Sprites Inc. Fuura4dl3
Greeny Sprites Inc. Meetkafukakr4Greeny Sprites Inc. Kafukasl3
Sprite sheet (Incomplete)

Yes, indeed! I have here, the one, the only, Kafuka Fuura in sprite!

Tsuki Oukami
Greeny Sprites Inc. Tsuki1qm5
Greeny Sprites Inc. Courtassistantanimationpl8
Sprite Sheet (Case 2)

The style of this sprite matches the one of the Kafuka Sprite. So it's totally not PW-styled.
...Yeah. Whatever.

Natasha Witlov
Greeny Sprites Inc. Victim2on1
The sprite of case 3's victim.

Joseph Black
Greeny Sprites Inc. Whovn7
A forensic investigator.

Here some various works made for the Francis Equitas: Ace Casanova sprite comic
Case 1 resources (Spoilers for the sprite comic)
Greeny Sprites Inc. Turnaboutrenovationwj9
Well, it fits the case just fine, don't it?

Greeny Sprites Inc. Plankfx0
This plank was submitted to court as the murder weapon.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Renovationslk7
The original crime scene, which was presented as a snapshot in the comic.
This is indeed, the defense lobby, while being renovated.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Mikeevil3ki9
Flashback scene starring Mike Meekins. It's obvious he did it! :O

Greeny Sprites Inc. Deathreconstructionhi9
A handy 3-D diagram of what happened.
Case 2 resources (Also spoilers)
Greeny Sprites Inc. Turnaboutdespairck5
Sounds dark, doesn't it? Trust me, this turnabout will leave you...
In despair!

Greeny Sprites Inc. Case2intronl0
This I find awesome. How I made it? The knife and hand you can find
out yourself with a little research. The rest of the attacker, I made from
scratch! *proud*
The victim should be pretty obvious. I think.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Case2intro2zs4
It looks dangerous, doesn't it?

Greeny Sprites Inc. Trainstation2gy0
Wait, isn't that just the train station from 1-4?!?
Hold yer horses. It's actually mirrored, and the colors are altered.
This to shift the sun's position to a diffirent time! XD

Greeny Sprites Inc. Cherryblossomsqq3
A road with sakura trees blossoming. How romantic~ <3
In any case, I ripped this from the Clannad visual novel so absolutely
no credit goes to me. Also, no copyright infringement intended, it's...
uh... free advertising! Very Happy

Greeny Sprites Inc. Franzyrv8
How can you not fall in love with Franzy?

Greeny Sprites Inc. Noteba9
Ooooh, maybe it's a love letter! :3

Greeny Sprites Inc. Notefulltn8
Damn those maths! Damn them!

Greeny Sprites Inc. Clothpf5
In case you were wondering, no this didn't cost me any effort.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Maprooftopnl7
Isn't this the best map you've ever seen? Isn't it? It had better.
Took me quite a while to make.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Zetsuboumr0
Francis in despair!

Greeny Sprites Inc. Lunchid4
Greeny Sprites Inc. Lunchfinishedml0
Lunch! Omnomnom.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Schoolpc5
The entrance to some high school. I took this from somewhere,
but I edited it a lot so credit is required if you want to use it.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Schoolhallwaywk6
A hallway in a school! This is another direct take from Clannad
(visual novel) so use without credit.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Schoolclassvz1
A classrom. Same as above, so use without credit.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Buttonrm6
A shiny, bloody button. Surely it can't have anything to do with the case?

Greeny Sprites Inc. Oukamioutsidehq9
Outside, presumably, Oukami's house. Ceres found this one for me. Slightly edited.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Kitchenrp1
The kitchen of the Oukami residence! Ceres found this one for me. Slightly edited.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Safeboxni4
It's a box. With a lock. And there's only one thing you can find in a box with a lock...! XD

Greeny Sprites Inc. Mathstestnr2
This piece of evidence was never actually used in the sprite comic.
Hmmm... Kafuka needs to study her math equations a little better.
Case 3 resources (Spoilers for FE case 3)
Greeny Sprites Inc. Thecoldturnaboutee0
I'm shivering with excitement!

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_Case3introm_5d760c4
It looks cold outside. Good thing Iwe're warm inside, right? This was done from scratch.

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_Case3intro2m_87e753b
Shady shadows. Also, the floor was from scratch.

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_Case3intro3m_c80707e

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_Case3intro4m_17be8fb
Bloody blood. Yum.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Francisphoneyu6
Francis' cell phone! Ring, ring.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Tsukiphonewx6
Tsuki's cell phone. Maybe purple really is her favorite colour?
The world may never know.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Alleydaycorpsehe6
The corpse seen in this picture was done by Glace Leau.
Background edited by me. Don't use without permission.

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_Cafem_c6f4494
Ripped from Time Hollow, with some minor convenient edits.

Greeny Sprites Inc. Tableof4
And a table! Complete with delicious hot coffee.

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_AlleyInvestm_a3a4a36
Gumshoe Was Here

Greeny Sprites Inc. Room207rc2
An animated background! It's... Snowy.
Courtroom Sprite Sheet

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_BreakingNewm_a2d2724
Breaking news! Don't miss this very important news flash!

Greeny Sprites Inc. F_GlobalMApm_d66c83c
1: Train station
2: Courthouse
3: Sakura Park
4: Brandy's Tavern
5: Cafe 'The Iron Horse'
6: Tsuki's home
7: Francis's apartment
8: Momoiro Hime

Now, of course, my pride and joy, the army of Trucy edits!
Warning: Adorable level over 9000!!!
Greeny Sprites Inc. Compilationsafexg1
You gotta admit, Trucy's awesomely magical. Very Happy

Completed requests (random)
Greeny Sprites Inc. Sho5xo2 For Shojogirl
Greeny Sprites Inc. Buckitbx9 For Aviv
Greeny Sprites Inc. INOPLAY Also for Aviv

Greeny Sprites Inc. Merchantofturnaboutak9
Greeny Sprites Inc. Hotelturnabouteo8
Greeny Sprites Inc. Theendturnaboutns6
Greeny Sprites Inc. Turnaboutintheskyedj8
Greeny Sprites Inc. Thereawakenedturnaboutdf5
Greeny Sprites Inc. Aurevoirmonturnaboutvu6
For 'Turnabout Substitution'
Okay, so, December 2008, Ping', creator of PW fangame Turnabout Substitution,
asked me to do a few things for him. Three days later, I had this bunch effectively
completed - gaining me the title of "quickest spriter in the west". XD
Greeny Sprites Inc. Normalblinkwp2
I had a lot of fun with this one. I actually had to 'finish' it from a 'base' already
made by spriting guru Ceres. But, well, it was a rather rough start, so I had
a lot of work to do. In the end, this sassy chick's what came out. ^_^
(Link to original sprite, to properly credit, and comply with sprite theft laws.)
Greeny Sprites Inc. Rwbizcardxx7lp8
It was hard adding a visible skull/skeleton to such a small canvas...
Greeny Sprites Inc. Rheawitsprofilexe4
This was by far the easiest one. XD
Greeny Sprites Inc. Bloodyhandprintxx6
I added the contrast on this, it's not just a rip from the background. >_>
Greeny Sprites Inc. Wigjk3
....No comment on this one.
Greeny Sprites Inc. Uniformbr4
Making this was awesome. Really.
Greeny Sprites Inc. Plategf3
Normally, making golden plates is against my policy, but I made an exception.

Some random works here.
Warning: Very explicit content, realistic too! xD (If you don't get it don't bother.)
Short, innuendous sprite comic.
'Nuther short random comic!

He's watching you.
Greeny Sprites Inc. Upsideedgeworthve0
I made this very, very long ago.
Greeny Sprites Inc. Iamfine3of4
The Horror Of Boredom
Greeny Sprites Inc. Thehorrorofboredomye9
Cuteness overload!
Greeny Sprites Inc. Godotpearlyfullqg4
His aim is off
Greeny Sprites Inc. F_CoffeeTimem_986dc3d
A challenger appears!
Greeny Sprites Inc. Sahwitaoz3

Greeny Sprites Inc. Sahwitboe9
"Gasp! Foiled again..."

Greeny Sprites Inc. Sahwitcdo3
"Ojection! My hair has nothing to do with this!"

Greeny Sprites Inc. Sahwitdbj9

Here's a mirror for the Phoenix Wright font posted by someone, somewhere which I don't know where to find. Anyways, no credit goes to me.

Greeny Sprites Inc. 2l90hzt
Second place for the CR Sprite Cup '08/'09! Isn't it shiny?

Request status: I dunno.

Should you be interested in any of these works for your own use,
please contact me. Our "splendiferous policy" guarantees that if you
have contacted me and have not recieved answer within a week,
you may freely use the desired works.

Greeny Sprites Inc. is now hiring capable receptionists and secretaries. xD
P.S. don't take me seriously. >_>

Greeny Sprites Inc. Sponsoredbybluecorpai0
[size=50]Greeny Sprites Inc. is property of Big Corporate Things Inc.[/size]

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Greeny Sprites Inc. Empty Re: Greeny Sprites Inc.

Post by SupwithyouSammie on Thu Mar 12, 2009 10:12 am

lol, Warning Greeny XD

When you make a spoiler tag, dont put =whatever
Or an = at all.

Just [ spoiler ] No spaces.

But I'm glad you put it up here =D

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Greeny Sprites Inc. Empty Re: Greeny Sprites Inc.

Post by Greeny on Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:23 pm


I'm going to have to fix that.
In the distant future.


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Greeny Sprites Inc. Empty Re: Greeny Sprites Inc.

Post by RandomJibberish on Thu Mar 12, 2009 2:22 pm

Did you use PHBB Sammie? I might know how to make the spoiler tags like the CR ones.

And Greeny: I like your style. The smoothness looks cool. It's good to see your trying more AAish in the newer sprites, though.

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Greeny Sprites Inc. Empty Re: Greeny Sprites Inc.

Post by SupwithyouSammie on Thu Mar 12, 2009 3:25 pm

I would enjoy a PM on that Jibbs XD

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Greeny Sprites Inc. Empty Re: Greeny Sprites Inc.

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