Skele sprites.

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Skele sprites. Empty Skele sprites.

Post by Skeledude12 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 12:53 am

Hey Welcome. I hope that you enjoy my sprites.

Requests: If you got something you want it never hurts to ask ^^

Ok so here we go:


Skele sprites. Olderpearlicon Here's my version of older Pearl.
Skele sprites. Hidden1Skele sprites. Hidden2Skele sprites. Pearl1Skele sprites. Pearl2Skele sprites. Pearl3Skele sprites. Pearl4Skele sprites. Pearl5Skele sprites. Peral6

Here's the sheet: Skele sprites. Tn_olderpearlOlder Pearl

Skele sprites. Mayaicon Here's my Older Maya.
Skele sprites. Maya1

Skele sprites. Poortrucyicon Poor Trucy for my Sprite Comic.
Skele sprites. PoorTrucySkele sprites. PoorTrucymad

Skele sprites. Prisionerlukeicon Here's my version of Luke Atmey in a Mental Institution's uniform. It was for a game I was making starring a new Mask de Masque.
Skele sprites. Luke1Skele sprites. Luke2Skele sprites. Luke-3Skele sprites. Luke5

Turnabout for a Copycat:

Ron DeLite is convicted, again, for being Mask de Masque after the famed thief stole a precious artifact and killed a musuem curator. Desperate to prove his innocence, Desiree DeLite calls Phoenix and ends up hiring Apollo to save her husband. There is no conclusive evidence found at the crime scene besides DNA found on shreds of the Mask de Masque costume which contains Ron's DNA. Ron claims that his costume was stolen before the theft. Out of ideas, Phoenix suggests that Apollo goes to the only person who might know anything to forward the investigation. An Ex-Ace Detective, known as Luke Atmey.

After the case, 10 years prior, Luke was tried for the Murder of Kane Bullard and pronounced Guilty. However, a psychological analysis proved that Luke wasn't sane so he was not executed. He was instead sent to 'Banetts Asylum' for the criminally insane. Where he stayed. Can Luke help Apollo save the one man who locked him up forever

Skele sprites. Carmenicon Carmen Sandiego
Skele sprites. Carmensandiego1

Skele sprites. NegiiconNegi Springfield, Preteen Attorney
Skele sprites. Telmaamoris
Edgeworth's doom.

Skele sprites. Negi1Skele sprites. Negi2Skele sprites. Negi3Skele sprites. Negi4Skele sprites. Negi5Skele sprites. Negi6Skele sprites. Negi7Skele sprites. Negi8Skele sprites. Negi9Skele sprites. Negi10Skele sprites. Negi11Skele sprites. Negi12Skele sprites. Negi13Skele sprites. Negi14Skele sprites. Negi15Skele sprites. Negi16Skele sprites. Negi17Skele sprites. Negi19Skele sprites. Negi20Skele sprites. NegicrySkele sprites. Negicry2

Sheet: Click here.

Cannot claim as my own, sprites ripped by Dazz from Spriters Resource. Edits by me.

Skele sprites. Nodokaicon Miyazaki Nodoka
Skele sprites. Nodoka1-1Skele sprites. Nodoka2-1Skele sprites. Nodoka3Skele sprites. Nodoka4Skele sprites. Nodoka5Skele sprites. Nodoka6Skele sprites. Nodoka7Skele sprites. Nodoka8Skele sprites. NodokacrySkele sprites. Nodokacry2Skele sprites. Nodokadizzy

Cannot claim as my own, sprites ripped by Dazz from Spriters Resource. Edits by me.

Skele sprites. Icon Some small edits of Furio Phoenix
Skele sprites. Furio1
Feel free to use these, but give credit.


Skele sprites. Will1Skele sprites. Will2Skele sprites. Will3

Skele sprites. Christmasavi2
Some Christmas Will/Ema

Please give credit if your going to use these.

Skele sprites. Will-icon

Name: Will Shorthand.
Job: Courthouse Scribe, Scriviner
Age: 24
Bio: Will is the second best scribe to ever write in a courtroom. The first being his father, Edward Shorthand. Will only writes in a secret code which is completely untranslatable by anyone outside of his family line. It is known as the 'Shorthand Scribble' and allows Will to write what people say at the amazing 60 words a minute. Will is of British background as such he has a faint accent. However, living in America for so long has forced his accent to become less pronounced. Will's favorite food item is pizza, he can often be found at the local pizzeria when not in court. Will traveled to America to be with Detective Ema Skye. Although she is completely oblivious to it Will does everything in his power to hoist their relationship from friends to lovers.

And here's a partial Sprite Sheet: Skele sprites. Tn_Will-Shorthand-almost-done

Skele sprites. Brillicon

Name: Brill Iante.
Job: Doctor of Psychiatry, Court liaison
Age: 35
Bio: Dr.Brill is the state's foremost doctor in the study of the criminal mind. Every single criminal sent from the courthouse to prison is sent to him first. After he does a full psychiatric profile the criminal is either locked up in the penitentiary, ob death row or sent to 'Banetts Asylum' for the criminally insane.

Skele sprites. Widget1-1

Skele sprites. Widgicon
Name: Willamina Spreeks but prefers to be called Widget.
Job: Mechanic, Inventor and Technician
Age: 16
Bio: She's got red hair and talks in an southern accent (Osaka accent in the Japanese version). She's a gifted mechanic and technician. Her greatest achievement in her life so far. Is the creation of a rickity robot she named Robo-Wright, after the famed Attorney who saved her sister from jail time. She hasn't made anymore robots due to the fact that she could never quite understand what she did to make Robo-Wright come alive. She likes to wear a blue jumper and welding goggles all the time.

The General

Skele sprites. Untitled-1-2[/spoiler]


Skele sprites. Untitled-2
Here be pirate Ron DeLite. Not Mask De Masque!

Skele sprites. DiscoWright
Disco Wight is ready your honorfulness, Oh yeah!

Original sprite by Ceres.

Skele sprites. Park3Skele sprites. Park2Skele sprites. Park1
Road rage :kyouya: and his-
Skele sprites. Parkfg
Shiny red convertable.

Skele sprites. Fries2Skele sprites. Fries1
Burger King employee Grossberg.

Skele sprites. Pe-1Skele sprites. Pe-2Skele sprites. Pe-3Skele sprites. Pe-4
Papa Elf.


Skele sprites. Detentionnew
A maximum security detention room.

Here's the peices:
Skele sprites. Gate
Skele sprites. Wall

Also this (now with reflection!)

Skele sprites. Detentionreflect2

Just add this:
Skele sprites. Vent
Skele sprites. Reflection

Just drop them over the AJ detention center. And lower the opacity or Alpha of the reflection to give it that see through feel.

Skele sprites. Charifg
Celebrity podium

Skele sprites. Untitled-1Skele sprites. Untitled-2-1
Burger king. Just drop whoever on top of that ugly guy ^^

Skele sprites. Tv
TV screen

Skele sprites. OutdeskSkele sprites. Ondesk
Light covered desks.

Skele sprites. OutallSkele sprites. Onall
Light filled courthouse.

Baliff and Scriviner seating:
Skele sprites. Benchforwill

It is located:
Skele sprites. Ani-gallery

Skele sprites. Backgroundwill
Skele sprites. Willbench


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Skele sprites. Empty Re: Skele sprites.

Post by SupwithyouSammie on Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:24 am

I love your sprites Skele =D
Your location edits are awesome, so is your older Maya!

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Skele sprites. Empty Re: Skele sprites.

Post by Skeledude12 on Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:55 am

Aww shucks Embarassed


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Skele sprites. Empty Re: Skele sprites.

Post by Dingzhu on Fri Feb 27, 2009 6:56 pm

I like the older Maya the best. >_>

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Skele sprites. Empty Re: Skele sprites.

Post by paradoxinparticles on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:20 pm

Hey! I absolutely LOVE your older Maya sprite, and I was wondering if I could use it for a fangame I'm making.
I'd also need your permission to edit her a little bit, so that I can make her more serious and give her more emotions.
Please let me know!


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Skele sprites. Empty Re: Skele sprites.

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