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Post by SupwithyouSammie on Wed Jan 14, 2009 6:14 pm

Welcome to the one and only, Sammie's Sprites Forum.
Here you can view the sprites of "SupwithyouSammie" or display your own sprites, comics, and games.
You can even talk about everyones favorite game, Phoenix Wright.

Lets get to the rules of the forum first.

NO FLAMMING! Alright, no. Just no. No exceptions. This is a boad of constructive critism. Not mad people putting others down. That also means flamming others opinions. If you flame, you will get a temp-ban. If you continue even in the slightest bit, you will be perma-banned.

NOTHING 18+ If you would like to keep this forum alive, do not post any adult content. That is against ALL rules.

SPAMMING IS NOT GOOD I understand the occational short spam of a topic might not be on purpose. That's fine. But constantly spamming is pointless and takes up space. Do not spam smilies, words, ads, or anything else you can think of.

TRY AND USE SOME GRAMMER Again, I understand that we aren't perfect. English is my first language and I make mistakes all the time. Just avoid speaking in some weird chat speak all the time in your posts.

DON'T ARGUE There is no debate threads on this forum, sorry. If it is something small, get over it and ignore their posts. If it is constant harassment, report that member.

SPOILERS You should expect spoilers in the sprites, comics, and games section. It would still be nice to mark it though. In the Ace Attorney section, all spoilers for games 2, 3, and 4 must be marked.

REPORT ANY PROBLEMS TO A MOD OR ADMIN Don't whine about it somewhere else. Just tell one of us, and get it over with. The problem will probably be fixed faster that way.

DON'T ASK FOR ANYTHING ILLEGAL If you want to discuss roms or emulators, do it somewhere else *cough PM* Don't advertise that you know how to get them. Don't try to sell drugs. Don't try to sell your "services." No one needs it XD

Well those are all the basic rules.
Not to bad I hope.
If you have suggestions, put them in the suggestion thread.

Hope you have fun =]

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