How to Request, the proper way!

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How to Request, the proper way! Empty How to Request, the proper way!

Post by SupwithyouSammie on Fri Jan 16, 2009 2:32 pm

OK, so you want something made? Or some help?
Lets make sure you do it in a nice manner ;D

-Ask Nicely Say please and Thank you when making a request. Don't be too pushy or critical, they took that chalange for you XD Some things may not be that easy.

-Be Patient Give people time! We all have other lives... If you do have a deadline, make it reasonable.

-Give Info Don't leave your help in the dark! Let them know what you want. Maybe even provide a drawing. At the same time, don't tell too much. A spriter might get upset if you constantly want changes on the sprite.

-Don't get mad Don't get mad if no one takes your request. Maybe provide more information, or ask in a nice manner. Don't get mad if a different spriter takes your requests than you were hoping. You cannot ask for help in normal threads, so that means you can't ask for help directly from certain people. Be glad someone took your request! And if you would like a different version, just ask for "A different version"

Those are pretty basic rules, am I right ;D
Assistance away!

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